NEWS | Proceedings of CARIAA’s 3rd Annual Learning Review

Under the theme “Dialogues for impact - Integrating SDGs, climate policy and climate action in developing regions”, CARIAA’s Third Annual Learning Review (ALR3) took place 3-6 May 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal, around understanding how the research emerging out of CARIAA can help bring the Sustainable Development Goals into conversation with National Adaptation Planning processes. The event included four thematic sessions around the following SDGs: Mobility (as a subset of SDG 10: Reduced inequality), Water Security (SDG 6); Gender Equality (SDG 5), and Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change (SDG 13). The event brought together over 75 participants from over 12 countries. It was mainly geared toward stimulating conversations between researchers and Research-into-Use specialists from across CARIAA and beyond to come to grips with our potential contribution to climate change adaptation policy and practice, and have a real impact in hotspot regions, where appropriate policy and practice is most needed.

The proceedings provide a summary of the discussions and plans moving forward.

Also, the facilitators of ALR3, Pete Cranston and Isobel McConnan, have initiated a blog series on FacilitationAnywhere about CARIAA and the facilitation process of this special learning event. Check this out!


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