NEWS | Highlights of the CARIAA Second Annual Learning Review

Over 80 consortia partners, graduate students, CARIAA program team and Advisory Committee members gathered this year for the second Annual Learning Review (ALR2) which took place after the Adaptation Futures conference in the Netherlands.

Through a series of activities, the participants took stock of progress and identified themes and ideas for collaboration. By the end of the second day, different groups of individuals interested to move forward concrete proposals for collaboration initiated to draft their plans. Proposals emerged on themes like gender and social differentiation, climate information at 1.5 C, scaling up traditional practice in the context of climate change, migration and heat stress. The proposals include collaborative activities in different forms: the collaborative preparation of typologies, papers, and presentations at global events, information sharing to facilitate comparable data collection across consortia, and the organization of joint events. Other groups, already organized around initiatives funded under the Opportunities and Synergies Fund or existing working groups, also took the opportunity to further discuss their upcoming activities and next steps. On the last day, the participants discussed on the progress, challenges and lessons learned against the CARIAA Learning Framework.

During the event, the CARIAA Knowledge Management and Communication Working Group organized a marketplace for sharing the type of communication products that have been prepared so far for different audiences across consortia (scientific and non-scientific posters, publications, infographics, interactive materials and videos), and to enhance the connection between researchers and communication officers within and across consortia.

The ALR2 event report is available here.