EVENT | CARIAA at Adaptation Futures: Research for Impact

Ensuring that research is conducted with the intention of uptake of results is a key challenge faced by the scientific community. ‘Research for impact’ has been a key focus area and emergent strength of the CARIAA program.


At the Adaptation Futures conference in Cape Town, South Africa, CARIAA will host a session titled, “Research for Impact: Dynamic approaches, experiences and lessons on research uptake.” In this session, panelists and participants will share their experience designing programs and projects that allow for adaptive management of ‘research for impact’ processes in innovative and successful ways, discuss the challenges they have encountered, and analyze the transferability and scalability of their approaches.


In another session, titledTransformation and knowledge production through participatory theatre,” CARIAA members have designed a participatory ‘theatre of the oppressed’ to examine the challenges practitioners and researchers face when trying to have an impact in the real world. The play will show how communication is often a key barrier in climate change efforts, even if all stakeholders are pushing towards the same goal. After enjoying a theatre session performed by local actors, in a second run participants will be invited to walk into the play and become actors shaping the play’s outcomes – as they explore solutions to the challenges of research-into-use. The session will close with an open discussion on ways to make research relevant, participatory, impactful and accessible to all. Details on these sessions can be found below.

Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation. This year, CARIAA has a significant presence at the conference, with our consortia leading in excess of 30 special sessions such as the examples outlined above, and more than 30 oral presentations and 20 posters. This is a key opportunity for the program to showcase its maturing research results.


Session details

Title: Research for Impact: Dynamic approaches, experiences and lessons on research uptake

ID: S195

Date and time: 4:30–6:15 PM on Wednesday June 20th, 2018


Title: Transformation and knowledge production through participatory theatre

ID: S17

Date and time: 2:15–4:00 PM on Thursday June 21st, 2018