EVENT | CARIAA at Adaptation Futures: Migration

Migration as a coping mechanism or adaptation strategy can yield either positive or negative outcomes, or both. For example, it can be successful when people move out of harm’s way to places with more sustainable livelihood opportunities. However, migration can also result in loss and damage, especially when people are displaced by disasters, whether sudden or increasing in severity over time. To date, CARIAA’s research work has helped to build the evidence base on migration in climate change hotspots, to better understand its use as an approach to adaptation, and when it may also result in maladaptation.

At the Adaptation Futures conference in Cape Town, South Africa, CARIAA will host a session titled, “Migration & Displacement in Climate Hotspots: Adaptation or Loss and Damage?” This session explores interconnections between climate risks, population mobility, adaptation, and loss and damage. It aims to provide a platform for presenting research evidence and discussing the legal and policy implications. Details on this session can be found below.

Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation. This year, CARIAA has a significant presence at the conference, with our consortia leading in excess of 30 special sessions such as the examples outlined above, and more than 30 oral presentations and 20 posters. This is a key opportunity for the program to showcase its maturing research results.


Session details

Title: Migration & Displacement in Climate Hotspots: Adaptation or Loss and Damage?

ID: S11 & S66

Date and time: 2:15–4:00 PM on Tuesday June 19th, 2018