EVENT | CARIAA at Adaptation Futures: Collaborative Science

In recent years, the number of large multi-country, multi-disciplinary research-for-impact programs and projects intended to understand and respond to global environmental change, including climate change adaptation, has increased. It is worth reflecting on how diverse, innovative approaches have created enabling environments for researchers and practitioners to work collaboratively and to seek to understand what has led to program/project success or failure.

At the Adaptation Futures conference in Cape Town, South Africa, CARIAA will host a session titledModels of enabling environments for researcher-practitioner collaboration: successes and failures.” In this session, panelists and participants will explore what we have collectively learned about enabling environments while thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of different collaborative models.

It is also worth considering where the frontiers of climate change adaptation now lie. To this end, CARIAA is hosting a session titled, “Mapping the frontiers of adaptation research and practice.” In this session, panelists—including leaders from the donor, research and NGO sectors with experience across Latin America, Africa and Asia—and participants will discuss the biggest shifts that have taken place in adaptation research and practice over the past 10 years in their fields, as well as the frontiers that will make the biggest difference globally in the next 10 years. Details on these sessions can be found below.


Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation. This year, CARIAA has a significant presence at the conference, with our consortia leading in excess of 30 special sessions such as the examples outlined above, and more than 30 oral presentations and 20 posters. This is a key opportunity for the program to showcase its maturing research results.



Session details

Title: Models of enabling environments for researcher-practitioner collaboration: successes and failures

ID: S139

Date and time: 2:15–4:00 PM on Wednesday June 20th, 2018


Title: Mapping the frontiers of adaptation research and practice

ID: S60 & S168

Date and time: 4:30–6:15 PM on Tuesday June 19th, 2018