EVENT | Georgina Cundill Kemp and Daniel Morchain shared CARIAA learning at Transformations 2017

The Transformations 2017 conference took place in Dundee, Scotland, from 30 August to 1 September 2017. Hosted by the Center for Environmental Change and Human Resilience at the University of Dundee, Transformations 2017 was the third in a biennial series of international interdisciplinary conferences that focus on transformations toward sustainability. The aim of this year’s conference was to develop a better understanding of the practices that facilitate social and environmental transformations at a variety of scales. The intention is to bridge academic and practical knowledge to develop deeper insights into processes that enhance deliberate transformations.

Daniel Morchain, of Oxfam GB - one of ASSAR’s partner institutions, and Georgina Cundill Kemp from the CARIAA team at IDRC, have attended to share lessons from CARIAA and beyond. Daniel have shared learning about the potential role of the Vulnerability and Risk Assessment tool to support transformative outcomes, bringing in experiences from ASSAR in Botswana and Namibia, and also other experiences with this tool from Malawi. Georgina have shared learning from across all four CARIAA consortia about how to support transdisciplinary collaborations for impact in contexts of global environmental change.