NEWS | CARIAA launches Research-into-Use Learning Guide

CARIAA is committed to not only facilitating on-going learning about various aspects of our programming, but also to sharing tools and lessons as widely as possible.

CARIAA’s strong focus on, and investment in, Research-into-Use (RiU) from its inception is novel for large scale research programs, and in many instances the researchers involved have actively innovated in this area. An exciting development in CARIAA over the past year has been the development of a vibrant community of practice around RiU across all four consortia, dedicated to learning together about how to improve our approaches to RiU.

In January 2017, this group produced a Guidance Note that drew together our collective understanding of the various activities involved in Research-into-Use (RiU), and that presented some of the early lessons from CARIAA in this regard.

Now, we launch a RiU Learning Guide that is designed to facilitate reflexive learning within CARIAA. Led by Euforic Services, the intention of the guide is to provide research teams with a bottom-up and experience based tool to better understand the effectiveness —and inefficiencies— of different approaches to RiU. The learning approach can also help to facilitate adaptive and reflexive approaches to RiU. The Guide includes a pocket guide for easy use in the field.

While this Guide was developed for CARIAA, it has been designed so that any research program interested in improving its RiU practices can use it, and we hope you will.


CARIAA's RiU Learning Guide