NEWS | UNFCCC COP22: Engaging with Pakistan’s private sector is crucial to build climate resilience

With the cost of climate adaptation rising rapidly, the Government of Pakistan must learn from its past mistakes and engage with the country's private sector as it prepares for the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP 22 in Morocco in November, in order to set realistic goals and targets.

But how can the private sector help to shape the climate agenda, not just with financial support, but also through investments and technological innovations? And how can the public and private sector in Pakistan work together to build economic resilience to climate change?

Read this new blog by PRISE researcher Samavia Batool, who is analyzing how researchers, government and the private sector can work in partnership to make Pakistan's cotton sector more resilient to climate impacts in the research project Harnessing opportunities for climate-resilient economic development in semi-arid lands: adaptation options in key sectors.